We present you the first game project, code-named Match 3 Tactics.

Frankly, this is not the first attempt to create a game on their own. But this is the first game that we decided to begin the conquest of your hearts and minds, as well as mobile phones, tablets and browsers. Yes, you are right to think - we set sights on multiplatform! )

So, what is it?


The basis of the game - a tactical battle with match3 mechanics. Or match3 with elements of tactics. This way you like best. Outside of battle - the adventure with a story line, and various quick battle modes to choose from.

Why this combination? Once upon a time, when I did not even know that I will be a game developer, game Puzzle Quest, which combines casual match3 mechanics with RPG elements, very hard stuck in my heart. Since then I've played in a lot of similar games, but most of them turned out to be too boring, both in terms of gameplay, both in terms of visual tracking and plot.

So we decided to do something similar. And that was quite interesting, exciting to come up with an interesting game mechanics of the universe and unconventional view of living beings, we can not say that everything is new, but we think you'll like it! )

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